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Holidays are costly, and it can be very frustrating when things go wrong. This pack of documents provides templates for seeking redress for the most common issues that holidaymakers feel warrant compensation, including lost luggage, bad rooms, and delayed travel. See the individual information associated with each document in this pack for a full description of their use.
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Included in this service:

  • Complaint about lost luggage
    Use this letter to seek compensation for lost luggage from either the airline who lost your luggage or the tour operator who chartered your flight. You must have previously filed a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) at the airport when you first became aware of your loss. Although you have completed a PIR, you must still send this letter seeking compensation. You should send this letter as soon as possible after 21 days have elapsed since you filed the PIR as this is the point at which baggage is considered lost and not 'delayed'.
  • Complaint to a hotel about an unsatisfactory room
    Use this letter to complain to a hotel for providing an unsatisfactory room (e.g. due to its lack of cleanliness). The letter demands that the hotel provide a full refund for the cost of the stay. In order to use this letter, you should have made a complaint about the room at the time of your stay. This document is suitable for use in the United Kingdom.
  • Complaint to holiday company/tour operator for loss of enjoyment
    If your holiday has been ruined because your tour operator made promises which were not fulfilled on your holiday, you can use this letter to seek compensation. You might want to use this letter if, for example, you were told that the hotel was in a quiet area, but there were a number of noisy night clubs in the area which disturbed your sleep or if you were told that your hotel room had an ocean view and it did not.
  • Complaint to travel agent/agency about unrealised holiday expectations
    If a travel agent has promised you that certain amenities would be included on your holiday which were not included, you can use this letter to complain either to the travel agent directly or to their travel agency. To use this letter, you should have received written confirmation of the amenities from your travel agent.
  • Demand compensation from a photograph processing company
    This is a letter to a film processing company where a roll of film is given to be developed and printed. After the film has been developed, the customer finds that the negatives, while in the possession of the film processing company, were damaged and hence the photographs are unsatisfactory. The letter demands that the company provide compensation for the damage caused within a certain number of working days.
  • Letter seeking compensation for train delay
    If you travel on a train journey which is delayed for more than an hour, use this letter to write to the train operator, requesting compensation for the delay, as offered under their Passenger's Charter. You must make this claim within 28 days of the journey, and should enclose your original ticket with the letter. Each train company has its own rules for compensation, but these frequently take the form of travel vouchers to use against future ticket purchases. Please note that this document is only for use in England & Wales and Scotland.

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