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Protect your business when offering online services with our solicitor drafted E-commerce Terms & conditions (pack)

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Our 'Terms and conditions pack' contains three separate documents which are designed to enable you to handle the legal issues surrounding selling your goods and/or services both online and offline. The documents contained in the pack include the terms and conditions for the reverse of a goods invoice, terms and conditions for a website selling consumer goods or services and terms of use of and the privacy policy for a website.

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Included in this service:

  • Terms and conditions for the back of a goods order form
    This document contains a set of terms and conditions that are suitable for a business that sells goods to other businesses. A large volume of sales business is done using standard terms and conditions of sale. These are commonly found on the other side of a seller's order form. It is very important to take the time to read the form in its entirety to ensure that it is appropriate for use in your individual situation. This document is suitable for goods sold by a business trading in the UK. Please note that you cannot use this document if you are selling goods to consumers.
  • Terms and conditions for website selling consumer goods and/or services
    This document creates standard terms and conditions for the sale of goods and/or services to consumers from a website in the United Kingdom. It is not suitable for a business providing financial, leisure, accommodation and transport or catering services. It is not suitable for a business providing digital content, except where it is provided on a 'tangible medium' such as a disc or memory stick. This document has been drafted to be used with a professionally developed website which contains the statutory information that must be provided to all consumers.
  • Privacy policy for a website
    Use this document to create a privacy policy for your website. The purpose of such a policy is to stipulate the types of personal data that your website stores and how this information is used. The document covers all the key data protection issues inherent in running a website.

Useful information

What are the regulations surrounding e-commerce?

All online retailers must deal with both the traditional legislation on consumer protection and the more recent, specific rules governing sales over the internet.

Why do I need a terms and conditions pack for my website?

All businesses should set out standard terms and conditions on their website, especially concerning the supply of goods and/or services, and ensure that these terms are featured in any contracts that you make with customers.

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