Debt recovery (pack)

All the documents needed to recover a debt, from initial gentle contact letters to a claim form to be filed with the courts.

About this service

Guaranteeing steady cash flow is one of the important activities a business can undertake. Setting good ground rules for handling those who default on their credit agreements is essential, and sometimes, of necessity, that involves chasing for payment. This pack provide a series of suitable letters to walk a firm though the process of chasing for payment, from the initial gentle contact letter reminding of obligations and requesting payment, through the process of forewarning that action will be taken, right up to the creation of the required claim form for the County Court.

This product is suitable for use in: England & Wales

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Included in this service:

  • Debt collection letters for unpaid invoices

    This document creates three debt collection letters demanding payment for an overdue invoice(s).

    You can use it if you have sent invoices (one or more) to a consumer or business for goods supplied or services performed and those invoices remain overdue for payment.

    These letters calculate the total outstanding debt as at the date of each letter, including, in some cases, any interest due on the overdue amounts.

    The second and third letters can only be used if you've had no reaction from the debtor in response to the previous letter. The third letter is a final 'letter of claim' (also known as a 'letter before action'), which threatens court action if you don't get a response. This also includes the information sheet, reply form and financial statement form that you need to give to the debtor before you can go to court.

    This document is suitable for use where the goods were delivered or services were performed within the UK.

  • Form N1 - Claim form for debt recovery
    Use this document to make an application to county court to recover money owed to you through unpaid invoices. Before making this application, you must have already sent at least two letters to the customer demanding payment of the invoices and threatening to take the matter to court if the invoices are not paid. If you have not done this already, use our 'Debt collection letters for unpaid invoices' document. Please note that this document is only suitable for recovering sums from up to two defendants and can only be used in England & Wales. There is no limit, however, on the amount that can be claimed.
  • General power of attorney to collect debts
    This document allows you to draw up a general power of attorney authorising one or more persons to collect debts on your behalf – it is strictly limited to this one purpose. You might want to use this if, for example, you are too busy to chase your debts and you therefore wish to appoint another person to do this on your behalf. This power of attorney is automatically cancelled on your death, mental incapacity or if you become bankrupt. You can also revoke this general power of attorney in writing at any time.
  • Letter of claim for an outstanding invoice

    This is a final 'letter of claim' (also known as a 'letter before action'), demanding payment for an overdue invoice(s). In this letter you threaten court action if you don't get a response.

    The letter calculates the total outstanding debt, including, in some cases, any interest due on the overdue amounts.

    Use this document only if you have sent one or more invoices to a person or organisation for goods supplied or services performed in the UK.

    Ideally you will have sent at least one previous letter of demand. It cannot be used if they have disputed your claim for payment.

    This letter is suitable for use where the goods were delivered or services were performed within the UK.

With the Debt recovery pack you can:

  • Create initial reminders of repayment
  • Warn your debtor of upcoming action
  • Involve the courts using Form N1

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