Mirror Wills for married couples or civil partners

Create two reciprocal last Will and testaments quickly and easily

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These Wills are suitable for couples who are married or in a civil partnership and who both want to make a Will in reciprocal terms – i.e. you want the Wills to 'mirror' each other.

Mirror Wills are Wills made by two people in largely the same terms.

These Wills give everything to the survivor after the first of you dies, and then allow you to say what will happen after the second death, which is the same in both Wills. For example, you can specify who should inherit belongings and property, and how money should be distributed. You can also name a guardian for any children under the age of 18 and appoint up to four executors – people who will be responsible for implementing your instructions in your Will and for the administration of your estate.

To make things easier for you, buying this document provides one set of questions that creates two separate Wills, one for each partner.

This product is suitable for use in: England & Wales Northern Ireland

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Included in this service:

  • Letter of wishes

    A letter of wishes is an informal letter addressed to your executors or to the trustees of any trust created by your Will. It is used to tell them what you would like to happen following your death. Unlike your Will, the letter of wishes does not become publicly available when you die. It can be used to help or guide your executors or trustees on pretty much anything you wish. It does not interfere with or restrict the discretion of the executors or trustees in any way.

  • Mirror Wills for married couples or civil partners

    This document creates two Wills for either a married couple or for two people in a civil partnership with each other. Both of you need to be aged 18 or above. Mirror Wills are Wills made by two people in substantially the same terms. In these Wills, the married couple/civil partners provide for each other on the first death, and then say what is to happen on the event of the second death, which is the same in both Wills.

    These Wills are suitable for use in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

  • Notice of severance of a joint tenancy
    This document is used to sever a 'joint tenancy' of property and, if the property is registered, to register that change at the Land Registry. This converts a joint tenancy into a tenancy in common. This document creates two copies of a notice of severance and, if the property is registered at the Land Registry, a form SEV and a covering letter to the Land Registry. This document can only be used in in relation to property in England or Wales, of which there are one or two owners and two joint tenants. Land Registry forms are reproduced with the permission of HM Land Registry.
  • Mirror Wills Pack Instructions
    Comprehensive instructions on how to use our Mirror Wills, including signing and witnessing instructions and information on auxiliary documents.

Useful information

What happens if I die without a Will (England, Wales & NI)?

If you die without having made a Will (known as 'dying intestate') the State will decide what happens to all your assets (your property, belongings and money) in accordance with what are known as 'intestacy rules'.

What is a Will?

A Will is an important legal document in which you set out what you would like to happen to your assets (property, belongings and money) when you die.

Making an online Will

Making a Will online with MyLawyer is easy. All that's required is for you to complete an online questionnaire which drafts your Will as you answer the questions.

Why should I make a Will?

Making a Will is important as it will ensure that when you die there are clear instructions about what should be done with all your assets (money, property and belongings, for example) and in particular how you want them to be distributed amongst your family and/or friends.
Compatible region(s): England & Wales Northern Ireland

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