Staff recruitment pack

Comprehensive set of documents and forms for employers to use when recruiting and to avoid employment law problems.

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This pack contains all the documents, letters and checklists required when taking on a new member of staff. For convenience, our 'Hiring staff pack' includes an employment agreement, a criminal convictions declarations form, interview checklist, offer letter, reference letter, rejection letter, induction checklist and job application form.

This product is suitable for use in: England & Wales

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Included in this service:

  • Employment agreement
    Use this agreement to create an employment contract for a new employee. It includes options for part-time and shift working, probation, working hours, breaks, overtime, workplace locations (including working abroad), salary, bonuses, benefits, annual leave, sick leave, pensions, data protection, termination (including post-termination restrictions), and more.

    It also includes detailed disciplinary and grievance procedures as optional attachments.

    If you're an employer in England, Wales or Scotland, you must give certain information in a written statement to new employees by the time they start working for you. This agreement contains that information. In Northern Ireland, you have up to 2 months after they start.

    Use this agreement in combination with our employee handbook (or you own) in order to refer to details of your policies and procedures (e.g. about different types of paid leave).
  • General purpose ex-employee reference letter
    Use this letter to create a standard reference about a former employee for a potential new employer.

    It is not a legal requirement to provide a reference, unless you have a contractual obligation (e.g. it says so in their employment contract or in a settlement agreement). However, failure to provide a reference could leave an employer open to allegations of discrimination. You should therefore seriously consider providing an employee with a reference when asked. It is therefore important that your reference is free from language that could be discriminatory and the format of this reference should help you in this process.

    For data protection reasons, it's likely that you'll need the employee's written consent to provide the information contained in this reference, before sending it.
  • Job description
    Use this document to create a job description. This document can be used when recruiting staff, to assist you when conducting a staff appraisal, to attach to an employment contract or statement of terms/written particulars of terms or in order to update a previously drafted job description. This document creates three separate lists containing the duties and/or responsibilities of the role, the skills and knowledge required to perform it and required experience. There is also the option to insert an estimate of the percentage of time taken up by each responsibility or duty. Please note that this document is only for use in the United Kingdom.
  • Staff appraisal form
    Use this document to create a set of forms to be used when conducting staff appraisals. This document will allow you to appraise your staff against previously set objectives and/or by rating (scoring) their performance against the specific skills and/or behavioural characteristics that are required for the role. The document also allows you to create a self-appraisal questionnaire to assist in the appraisal process and (if required) forms to record future set objectives and/or training and development needs. We recommend using the appraisal forms with an up-to-date job description. Please note that this document is only for use in the United Kingdom only.
  • Criminal convictions declaration form for job applicants
    When recruiting, employers may use this document to produce a form for all applicants invited to interview to complete. The form asks the applicant to declare whether they have a current criminal conviction, and if so, to give details of the offence(s) and sentence(s). Additionally, there are clear instructions in how employers should use this information to ensure that they comply fully with the requirements of the Rehabilitation of Offenders and Data Protection Acts.
  • General purpose reference request letter
    Use this to create a reference letter from an employer to a referee. It will contain a number of useful standard questions seeking information that an employer may find useful. You should include a stamped, addressed envelope with this letter to facilitate a quick response from the referee. The applicant will need to give their consent for their old employer to provide a reference to you. To avoid delays, the applicant should give that consent to them directly or to you, so you can send it with this letter.
  • General purpose rejection letter
    Employers should use this document to prepare a letter to send to unsuccessful job applicants, whether or not they attended an interview. The letter advises them that they have been unsuccessful on this occasion and includes the option to keep their details for future vacancies, should they agree to this.
  • Interview checklist
    Employers should use this form when interviewing job applicants. The form includes a comprehensive checklist of topics to be covered during interview, with suggestions for specific questions and the opportunity to allocate marks and give comments for each. The completed checklist can provide evidence that you have taken a consistent and fair approach to all candidates. If properly applied, this can assist in providing protection against complaints of discrimination. You should keep all completed checklists for unsuccessful applicants for at least six months for this reason.
  • Job application form
    This document creates a standard job application form to be used when hiring new staff. It should assist you in forming an objective view of the applicant's suitability as part of your selection process. The document also takes into account discrimination legislation to help protect your business against accusations of discrimination at an employment tribunal. You may wish to use this application form in combination with a criminal convictions declaration form, although you should send these two forms separately to the applicant.
  • Job offer letter
    Use this document to create a suitable offer letter when making a job offer to a prospective employee. This offer letter should be a summary of the key parts of the full employment documents, e.g. an employment agreement or employment statement. The letter also requests the prospective employee to provide the correct documentation to prove their right to work in the UK prior to commencing their employment - to help protect you from liability.
  • New employee induction checklist
    Use this document to create an induction checklist when taking on a new member of staff. As the checklist has not been catered to a particular business or industry, it might be the case that there are certain items that will not be applicable. However, the checklist should provide the necessary structure as part of a wider induction programme.
  • Letter seeking consent for a medical report about an employee, worker or new recruit

    This letter asks an employee, worker or potential new recruit for their consent for you to get a medical report about them. You have a choice of requesting the report from their GP (or other medical adviser), or from a medical adviser of your choice (e.g an occupational health adviser).

    When asking for a medical report, there are various issues around consent and data protection. This letter will help you to meet your obligations.

    You can use it in a number of situations, such as:

    • If the staff member is absent due to a long-term problem;
    • If they are persistently absent for short periods;
    • If you're considering the need for reasonable adjustments under equality law, or;
    • To help make a final recruitment decision.
Compatible region(s): England & Wales

With the Staff recruitment pack you can create:

  • A job description
  • A job offer letter
  • A contract of employment

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