After registering your civil partnership

After registering your civil partnership

After registering your civil partnership, there are certain things that you may still need to do. These items are described below.

Getting a copy of a civil partnership certificate

After the civil partnership has been registered, it is possible to obtain a copy extract of the civil partnership certificate upon payment of the appropriate fee to the registrar.

If, at any stage, you require another copy, you can apply to the registration authority where you registered your partnership.

Correcting a civil partnership record at a later date

Each entry in the civil partnership register is an historic record of the facts as they were given at the time of the registration of the partnership. If errors are subsequently discovered, the law may allow for details to be changed or added for which there is no charge. If you would like to discuss a correction and would like some initial guidance, please contact the registration authority where the civil partnership was registered.

Converting a same-sex civil partnership into a marriage

If you are currently in a same-sex civil partnership registered in England, Wales or Scotland, you could convert it into a marriage. From 7 December 2020, for 3 years, this will also be possible in Northern Ireland. If you do this, you will be issued with a marriage certificate, which will show the marriage as existing from the date of your civil partnership.

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, you have 2 ways to convert your civil partnership:

  • A simple process at a register office; or
  • A 2-stage process where a superintendent registrar or their deputy can complete the conversion at another venue. This will allow your family and friends to attend, and a ceremony can follow immediately after.

The conversion can take place at a wide range of approved premises such as hotels, stately homes and religious premises which have been registered for the marriage of same-sex couples. You will have to pay a fee for the conversion depending on when and how you do it.

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