Why should I make a Will?

Explanation of why it makes sense to write a will whether you are young or old, have lots of assets or few

Making a Will is important as it will ensure that when you die there are clear instructions about what should be done with all your assets (money, property and belongings, for example) and in particular how you want them to be distributed amongst your family and/or friends.

Start your Will now

In a Will you can also specify who should look after your affairs when you die. Known as an executor, this person (or persons) will make sure the instructions in your Will are carried out and the necessary legal processes, such as 'Probate', are undertaken. Additionally, if you have children you can nominate a 'guardian' to take care of them should you die before they have reached the age of eighteen.

If you don't have a Will when you die (known as 'dying intestate'), the State will decide what happens to your assets, regardless of your wishes or those of your family. This will often create anxiety and stress for those left behind and can result in disputes between family members. Having an up-to-date Will in place will help to minimise this.

Furthermore, it is possible to amend your Will at anytime, so if your circumstances change after you have written your Will, you can always amend it to reflect the changes.

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