What are employment statements?

Advice on what an employment statement is, and the regulations surrounding them.

Although an employment contract can be either oral or in writing, employers must provide employees with a written statement setting out certain terms. For this purpose, we have an 'Employee statement' that includes these essential terms. It is designed for employers who require a simple document to outline the main terms and conditions of employment and meet their legal obligation to provide a written statement to an employee.

An 'Employee statement' will cover all the required terms and conditions of employment such as pay, hours, place of work, job title and specification and holiday entitlement, but where other optional contractual terms are necessary for a particular role, our 'Contract of employment' or 'Employment agreement' may be a more suitable document.

By law you must provide this statement within 2 months of starting (unless employed for less than a month). However, we recommend that you provide this statement before they start work. It is important to note that if you provide the employment statement after the employee starts work, an employment contract will already be in force – the statement would be evidence as to what was agreed, but it won't override the agreed contract if there are any discrepancies.

The information on this page applies to England and Wales only.

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