How does Employment Law affect my business?

Advice on which areas of your business are most affected by employment law, and a few pitfalls to look out for.

Employment law is designed to protect the rights of the employee and covers almost all aspects of the employer/employee relationship. It is essential for employers to comply with the various rules and regulations if they are to avoid costly employment tribunal claims.

Broadly speaking, employment law covers the following areas of employment: employment contracts and conditions; the treatment of employees; employee pay and working hours; sickness absence and time off work; and business transfers and takeovers.

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Within these broad areas, employment law affects more specific issues such as: discipline and grievances; bullying and harassment; equal pay; maternity and parental rights; age discrimination; sex and sexual orientation discrimination; race discrimination; disability discrimination; discrimination due to marital or civil partnership status, gender, religion or belief and pregnancy or maternity; redundancy and dismissal; employment tribunals; data protection; and terms and conditions of employment.

Understanding your obligations under employment law and keeping up to date with the regular updates and changes can be daunting. At MyLawyer, we offer a comprehensive range of employment law documents and forms, as well as access to employment law experts for advice and guidance on managing the complexities of this area of law.

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