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Employment law is one of the most fluid areas of UK law, with changes occurring all the time. That's why we have a team of legal experts making sure that all documents and articles provided in our employment law service are constantly kept up to date, whether you're hiring, firing or anything in between. Employment Law Services from MyLawyer are law firm quality but are available in a matter of minutes online!

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How does Employment Law affect my business?

Employment law is designed to protect the rights of the employee and covers almost all aspects of the employer/employee relationship.

What are employment statements?

Although an employment contract can be either oral or in writing, employers must provide employees with a written statement setting out certain terms.

What is a Consultancy agreement?

A 'Consultancy agreement' will allow you to set out the terms and conditions of engaging the services of an external consultant.

What is the purpose of an Employee handbook?

An 'Employee handbook' is a useful document to ensure your employees understand fully the administrative processes of your organisation, in addition to your policies and procedures on a number of employment-related issues.

How can I change an employee's terms of employment?

Sometimes you'll want to change the terms and conditions of an employee's contract.

Opting out of the Working Time Directive

The Working Time Directive prevents employees from being forced to work for more than 48 hours in a week, unless they freely consent to opt out of the directive.

What are the procedures for disciplining employees?

There are a number of steps required for the compliant disciplining of employees, which all employers should adhere to if they are to avoid potentially expensive lawsuits.

What is a contract of Employment?

A contract is merely a legally enforceable agreement.

When should a settlement agreement be considered?

A 'Settlement agreement' (formerly known as a 'Compromise agreement') can be used to settle a dispute between an employer and employee and to terminate an employment contract.

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There are a number of indissoluble aspects of UK employment law that must be observed by employers to ensure they are not at risk of legal discord. Employee contracts, minimum wage and maximum hour, holiday entitlement and discrimination are all sensitive areas of employment law that must be carefully observed and prepared for. MyLawyer Employment Law Services cover your business with employment law documents and legal advice to ensure you have taken every measure to operate your business legally.

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