Reportable accidents

The law imposes obligations on people involved in certain accidents on a road.

Reportable accidents are those where there's been injury or damage to:

  • Another person
  • Another vehicle or someone else's property
  • Roadside property
  • An animal in another vehicle or running across the road

If you're the driver of a vehicle involved in such an accident, you must:

1. Stop and remain at the scene for a reasonable period to allow anyone who is directly or indirectly involved in the accident to ask for details

2. Give your name and address and, if you're not the owner of the vehicle, the name and address of the owner, to anyone with reasonable grounds to ask

3. Give the identification marks of the vehicle to anyone who has reasonable grounds to ask

Failing to stop or report

If you don't stop or give your details at the scene of the accident, you must report it to the police in person as soon you can within 24 hours.

If any personal injury is caused to another person involved in the accident, you must produce a valid certificate of insurance. Otherwise, you should:

  • Report the accident to a police station within 24 hours; and
  • Take the insurance certificate to a police station as soon as possible within 7 days

It's also important to understand that you're obliged to do these things not only when you're directly involved in an accident, but also if your vehicle's 'presence' was a factor.

If you did provide all the required information at the scene of the accident, you won't need to report it to the police.

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