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Statutory shared parental pay

Statutory shared parental pay

If you're eligible, you and your partner can receive a maximum of 37 weeks of statutory shared parental pay (SSPP) (after taking the compulsory 2 weeks of maternity pay or maternity allowance).

To receive SSPP the mother must end their 39 weeks' maternity pay or maternity allowance early. The remaining amount can then be used to receive SSPP for her and/or her partner while taking shared parental leave (SPL). The standard rate of SSPP is £151.97 from 1 April 2021.

You must also give your employer a notice of your entitlement to take SSPP.

Qualifying for statutory shared parental pay

You'll be entitled to SSPP if:

  • you're eligible for SPL;
  • you've earned at least the lower earnings limit for Class 1 National Insurance Contributions (currently £120) for the 8 weeks up to and including the last day of the 15th week before the date of the expected week of childbirth; and
  • you'll be caring for your child while on SPL and being paid SSPP.

Shared parental leave pay rate

If you're entitled to receive SSPP, you'll be paid a weekly flat rate. The amount usually changes every April – see GOV.UK for the amount. You'll be paid this amount unless the terms of your employment contract state otherwise.


Parents adopting a child are also entitled to SSPP, and the above requirements also apply to the main adopter and their partner.

In this article, any references to the following can be substituted in this way:

  • 'main adopter' for 'mother';
  • 'adoption leave' for 'maternity leave';
  • 'adoption pay' for 'maternity pay';
  • 'match date' for 'child's expected week of birth' and
  • 'placement date' for 'child's date of birth'.

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