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Holidays & travel

Holidays & travel

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When you book a holiday, you enter into a contract with the holiday supplier. The holiday supplier is responsible for carrying out the terms of the contract. If you book the holiday with a tour operator via a travel agent, the contract is with the tour operator, meaning if there are any problems with the holiday, the tour operator is responsible. The law automatically grants you a number of legal rights if problems occur.

This section of the law guide outlines the rights you have when you go on holiday and how to protect yourself. It also includes information on what to do if your holiday doesn't go according to plan.

Before you go on holiday

Should you pay for your holiday with cash or credit card? This section looks at what's best and how you're protected when you pay.

Travel insurance

Things can go wrong on holiday, so you should cover yourself for potential risk by taking out travel insurance. Read this section to find out how to buy travel insurance and what it should cover.

Flights and airlines

Flight services in the UK are made up of a number of individual services, including airport operation, tour companies and airlines.

Find out about flight services, such as your cancellation rights, your rights when flights are delayed or when baggage is lost and what to do if something goes wrong.

Holiday problems

If your holiday didn't live up to the standards advertised, it may be possible to get reimbursed. Read this section to find out how.

Package holidays

A package holiday is one that consists of 2 or more elements of the holiday, such as flight and a hotel, sold together as a package. Look at this section if you experienced any problems with your package holiday.

Rail travel

This section includes details about the UK's rail services, and who you should complain to if you experience unsatisfactory service.

Taxis, private hire services and buses

Find out about taxis, private hire services and buses in this section, and what to do if you have any problems.