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Problems with services

Problems with services

This section looks in more detail at how to resolve any problems you may have with a particular service. It provides advice on your legal rights, and gives helpful information about who to write to when making a formal complaint.

Introduction to your legal rights

See this section for an introduction to your legal rights as a consumer buying services.


See this section if you have a complaint about an accountant that you've used.

Legal service providers

If you have a problem with a legal service provider, read this section to find out how you can resolve it. This includes sections on dealing with solicitors, licensed conveyancers, barristers and legal executives.


See this section if your builder doesn't complete the work or if the work done is defective in any way. It also covers practical advice about payments and seeking further help from other bodies.

Estate agents

If you've had a problem with an estate agent because of, for example, bad service, or because they've breached your legal rights or didn't follow their code of conduct, you can find out how to resolve the problem in this section.


Cars will often need servicing, so it's important to know what to expect when you visit a garage. If you've experienced a problem, read this section to find out how to solve the problem.


You have the right to make a complaint about any aspect of NHS treatment. You can do this by using the NHS complaints procedure. Read this section to find out how.

Pubs and restaurants

In this section, learn about your rights when you eat or drink out at a restaurant or pub.

Removal companies

Come the day of the move, many people will choose a removal company to move their things from their old property to their new property. This section provides some tips on choosing a removal service, as well as what to do when things go wrong.

Telecommunications and computers

Technology isn't always problem free. In this section, find out what to do if things go wrong with computers, telephones and mobiles.


See this section if you have problems with your utilities, such as your energy or water. You can also find out how to complain to the Energy Ombudsman if you're having trouble resolving a complaint.

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